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In Case You’re Wondering What I’ve been Up To….

Yes, this post is all youtube videos of me dancing at Burning Man. Deal.

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“Silver Meadows” Revisited, Huffington Post

First off, I should say that I appear in this book as a model. Todd Hido‘s Excerpts from Silver Meadows (Nazraeli Press 2013) describes what might be a recognizable place, geographically speaking, to anyone familiar with midwestern suburbia. Hido has taken as … Continue reading

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George Bellows at the Royal Academy of Art, Art Practical

The American painter George Bellows is widely remembered for his early masterpiece, Stag at Sharkey’s (1909), a painting that represents a particularly American moment in art (one cannot imagine a French movement calling itself the “Ashcan School” ). Its depiction of a casual, … Continue reading

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First Thursday Art Walk Tonight

Do you go to the First Thursday Art Walks downtown? The First Thursday of every month (barring when holidays kick it to the following week, as the 4th of July did in this instance) sees many of the downtown galleries open … Continue reading

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Bellydancing and Hummus: Third Fridays at Tannourine, Huffington Post

One of the effects of skyrocketing rent in any city is that the surrounding cities become cooler. Inexpensive space attracts artists who fill that space with work they can no longer afford to present in a city increasingly ransomed to … Continue reading

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“We have not loved life.” Garry Winogrand at SFMOMA, Huffington Post

The first several hours I spent in SFMOMA’s Garry Winogrand retrospective, I thought writing about it would be easy: it seemed like each of the 300 images offered such imaginative fodder that the only problem would be to avoid long-windedness. … Continue reading

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The Terracotta Warriors at the Asian Art Museum, Huffington Post

It’s hard not to give oneself over entirely to awe when regarding any of the great man-made wonders of the world. One wants to stare moist-eyed at these masterpieces and ponder the soaring ambition, ingenuity and perseverance of man, but … Continue reading

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Maxfield Parrish’s “The Pied Piper”

Sigh. The Palace Hotel has removed the famed Maxfield Parrish painting, The Pied Piper, from its home and original setting, Maxfield’s (the main bar’s appropriate name). They estimate its worth between $3- and $5 million, will sell it at auction … Continue reading

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My second gig

I’ve been continuing my dance studies with the Fat Chance Belly Dance school, and as part of its student group, the Blue Diamonds, recently took part in my second gig. I’m mostly staying in the chorus (the sort of back-up, … Continue reading

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I’m Complaining about Mark Morris’s “Beaux” at San Francisco Ballet again.

While San Francisco Ballet’s premiere of resident choreographer Yuri Possokhov’s new Rite of Spring was the big draw in Program Three, the evening started with two of last year’s premieres: Ashley Page’s Guide to Strange Places and Mark Morris’s Beaux. … Continue reading

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