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On Not Marrying

Marriage has always held a place in the image of myself that seems so far away, I almost believe I will have to be a completely different person by the time it happens, the way a child must imagine herself … Continue reading

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A friend turned me on to The Believer magazine, which is now my bus and train reading. In the February issue, there’s a fascinating series of essays by transgender author T Cooper on different aspects of his transformation from female … Continue reading

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Scared of Everything

When I was a child I was scared of many things, all imaginary. I had a vintage Everyman Library edition of ghost stories that I tortured myself with at bedtime, and my parents foolishly allowed me to watch TV specials … Continue reading

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Hell is Your People

I got an invitation in the mail the other day to the annual “Russian Festival” at the San Francisco Russian Center, an event I attended regularly as a child. I remember tables of cherry pastries and pierogi, game stands where … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

I’m back in New York now and have to do something with my life, or at least, to find a job and stall. After a cocky start with the New York Times journalism and education job market, by the end … Continue reading

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In Defense of Sloth

Since I haven’t posted for a while, here’s another article from New York Moves’s Christmas/Seven deadly sins issue (the one to which I contributed “In Defense of Vanity” and “Blinded by the Light,” linked below. Thank you, Odious, for the … Continue reading

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New Year’s Blogolution

I was asked to write an article on the nature of change (or something, I don’t really pay attention) for the January double issue, which has now turned into the hulking January-February-March triple issue, of New York Moves Magazine. I … Continue reading

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Blinded by the Light

I didn’t choose that title for another of my articles in the Christmas issue of New York Moves magazine, but that’s what they named it. Several editorial changes were made, to which I objected noisily, but I included the piece … Continue reading

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In Defense of Vanity

I know, I know, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger, but I have a good excuse, which is that I’ve been spending all my time studying the art of classical acting and the thea-tah. Instead of dutifully keeping the world … Continue reading

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On Wretchedness

An interesting, disturbing dialogue has commenced amongst several of my thoughtful blogger friends, Odious, Jack, and Kate, on the subject of, well, wretchedness: Why and when one is most susceptible to it (or, blessedly, not), how one attempts to keep … Continue reading

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