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Feedback as Music, “Tron” as prophesy. Southern Machine Exposure Project. Art Practical

On Saturday, June 30, Wobbly’s aural installation complemented Jason Brown’s witty lecture by juxtaposing visceral and intellectual responses to our increasing comfort with technology’s escalating presence in our lives. Wobbly (a.k.a. Jon Leidecker), focusing on feedback as the “intrinsic voice … Continue reading

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My feet hurt so good after the Black and White Ball. SF Weekly

I previewed the great San Francisco fête here: If it’s June and after dark, and you see women tottering around Civic Center in gowns with color palettes from silent films and their dates’ tuxedo jackets on their shoulders, you’ve probably wandered … Continue reading

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Masked Ball, Venetian Masters, and trippy mashups at the de Young, Zyzzyva

Gerhard Richter’s enormous mural Strontium glowered over Wilsey Court. The mural, made from a collection of blurred photographs representing the atomic structure of strontium titanate (a substance used to make artificial diamonds), might have been interpreted as a bit of a symbolic … Continue reading

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Joan Baez at Yoshi’s, Zyzzyva

As diverse as the music performed in concerts is, so are the appearances of the audiences. James Mollison documented a spectrum of what he calls the “tribes” of attendees in his photography project and book The Disciples, a rough census of personae … Continue reading

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My chat with author Wendy Lesser on Shostakovich, SF Weekly

No foreign sky protected me, No stranger’s wing shielded my face. I stand as witness to the common lot, Survivor of that time, that place. — Anna Akhmatova, 1961 How does an artist work in the context of an oppressive … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Anne Berven

I sang in Anne’s chamber choir all four years of college. I think it might have been the most enriching artistic experience of my life, and my college years certainly would not have been the same without it. I have … Continue reading

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Sometimes London is Funny This is what I did last night. I didn’t play; I just shouted along with the players. I didn’t realize there were so many people who knew how to play the ukelele. And that they all get together every … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Yma Sumac

One of my favorite singers has died. Her passing has been overshadowed by the big news of the day–but here’s a brief example of her work for those who don’t know her.

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