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On the rechristening of Henry Miller’s Theater *update*

(I posted this as a note on my facebook page and got some interesting comments; I’ve included them here in the comments section below) Sometimes I have to agree with Christopher Isherwood. There have been some stupid, crass, and embarrassing … Continue reading

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New York’s Historic Second Avenue Deli is Now a Chase Manhattan Bank.

…the very means by which oustanding success declines makes the process doubly destructive to cities….For some reason, banks, insurance companies and prestige offices are consistently the most voracious double destroyers in this way. Look to see where banks or insurance … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Shvitz

The Russian Turkish Baths are a legendary New York institution, referenced by some of the last century’s great writers such as Arthur Miller and Clifford Odets. Under Russian management throughout its entire 114 year-old history, the baths are set in … Continue reading

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On Discovering Porn in My VCR

I sent this one out as a private email almost a year ago; several readers may recognize it. I withheld it from public viewing on principle of good taste or decency or morals or some other such easily-disposable principle. My … Continue reading

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First Snow!

It snowed yesterday!! I packed this snowball and walked around all day, tossing it back back and forth in my hands, striking fear into the hearts of passersby. Was I going to throw it at one of them with deadly … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Telemarketer

That’s right, I was one of “those people” and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Well, yes I am.When I first informed my friends that I was moving to New York, and that I had chanced upon living arrangements that … Continue reading

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