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“The Hereditary Estate” by Daniel W. Coburn, for Art Practical

Along the road as I walked, thinking about the mysteries of Easter, veils—seemed to drop off my eyes! Light, oh light! I have never seen such brilliance! It pricked my eyeballs like needles!…yes, yes, light. You know, you know we … Continue reading

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“Anonymization”: How Urban Sprawl Created a Homogenous and Hostile World, for Hyperallergic.

LOS ANGELES — The list of ways the US has negatively influenced the rest of the world is long and shameful: unnecessary, interminable wars, nutritionally inane fast-food chains, a habit of wasteful consumption based on instant obsolescence. The list goes … Continue reading

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I Modeled for Todd Hido

A woman clasps her hand to her mouth. Visible in her eyes could be fear, horror, grief, or even just acute worry. The image described is not the one above, but one similar sent to me by a friend, who … Continue reading

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Alonzo King Lines Ballet Moves from Stage to Page

The cliché about ballet dancers is that they are “light on their feet,” that they “float” and “soar” across the stage. I’ve always felt the opposite to be more interesting: nobody reveals a more solid connection to the ground. Even … Continue reading

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“Silver Meadows” Revisited, Huffington Post

First off, I should say that I appear in this book as a model. Todd Hido‘s Excerpts from Silver Meadows (Nazraeli Press 2013) describes what might be a recognizable place, geographically speaking, to anyone familiar with midwestern suburbia. Hido has taken as … Continue reading

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Carte Blanche Gallery and Bookshop

I discovered a lovely gallery/bookshop in the Mission the other day. Carte Blanche features the work of twelve international emerging artists, curated by Parisian transplant Gwen Lafage. Prints are for sale framed or unframed, and there is a small but … Continue reading

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