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J.M.W. Turner, the Sublime, and Me. For Hyperallergic

   “You don’t experience the sublime looking through double glazing, or at a distant electric storm, or watching a sea rage on TV,” wrote AA Gill in The Golden Door: Letters to America. … and yet you can, when viewing a … Continue reading

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George Bellows at the Royal Academy of Art, Art Practical

The American painter George Bellows is widely remembered for his early masterpiece, Stag at Sharkey’s (1909), a painting that represents a particularly American moment in art (one cannot imagine a French movement calling itself the “Ashcan School” ). Its depiction of a casual, … Continue reading

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Maxfield Parrish’s “The Pied Piper”

Sigh. The Palace Hotel has removed the famed Maxfield Parrish painting, The Pied Piper, from its home and original setting, Maxfield’s (the main bar’s appropriate name). They estimate its worth between $3- and $5 million, will sell it at auction … Continue reading

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My review of Scott Yeskel’s “Mapping California” in the San Francisco Examiner

Painter Scott Yeskel’s exhibit at Jack Fischer Gallery is titled “Mapping California,” but it could as aptly be named “Leaving California” or “EscapingCalifornia.” It is not a pervasive view of California he depicts. He ignores the wealthy enclaves of Hollywood … Continue reading

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