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I Modeled for Todd Hido

A woman clasps her hand to her mouth. Visible in her eyes could be fear, horror, grief, or even just acute worry. The image described is not the one above, but one similar sent to me by a friend, who … Continue reading

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“Silver Meadows” Revisited, Huffington Post

First off, I should say that I appear in this book as a model. Todd Hido‘s Excerpts from Silver Meadows (Nazraeli Press 2013) describes what might be a recognizable place, geographically speaking, to anyone familiar with midwestern suburbia. Hido has taken as … Continue reading

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George Bellows at the Royal Academy of Art, Art Practical

The American painter George Bellows is widely remembered for his early masterpiece, Stag at Sharkey’s (1909), a painting that represents a particularly American moment in art (one cannot imagine a French movement calling itself the “Ashcan School” ). Its depiction of a casual, … Continue reading

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First Thursday Art Walk Tonight

Do you go to the First Thursday Art Walks downtown? The First Thursday of every month (barring when holidays kick it to the following week, as the 4th of July did in this instance) sees many of the downtown galleries open … Continue reading

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My Play from the SF Olympians Festival

Ok, so a short play I wrote (that is, the first play–in fact, the first piece of fiction/adaptation I’ve ever attempted) was read last night as part of the SF Olympians Festival, a thirteen-day series of staged readings of original … Continue reading

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I talked with Lysley Tenorio, author of (fab!) “Monstress,” for Zyzzyva

monstress Continue reading

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“Love, Anxiety, Happiness, and Everything Else” at RayKo Gallery

No, there is not a new photography exhibit based on the results of my Ok Cupid personality test. “Love, Anxiety, Happiness, and Everything Else” is the appropriately-broad title of a show comprising the work of 50 contemporary photographers, the finalists … Continue reading

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SF Ballet’s “Onegin”, Zyzzyva

Often, the thing we love about the work of a great author is the ability to describe a moment, an emotion, some nuance of experience, in such a way that it is immediately recognizable to us, however foreign to our … Continue reading

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This is fun.

Did you know that Russians have been in California longer than San Francisco has been a city? In 1812, the tsarist government (which didn’t have much going on that year) chartered Fort Ross in what is now Sonoma County, to control exploration, trade, … Continue reading

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Fire up your iPads…

because my books are available in e-book form now. 🙂

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