Edinb’rahhh and Moscow!

I know I was supposed to write a more in-depth account of my blow-out at my old magazine, but I can’t be asked. Instead, I’m posting pictures of my recent travels to Edinburgh for the fringe festival and Moscow, for a short course I did with the great Moscow Art Theatre. Edinburgh Castle.

me with a deep-fried Mars bar. Brilliant.

evening at Red Square

Novo Devitchi Convent
We were instructed never to photograph soldiers, police or otherwise official-looking people, but I found that after I chased these ones down Tverskaya Boulevard, interrupted their attempt to buy cigarrettes, and apologized a lot (in charmingly broken Russian, I like to think, something like, “Forgive my Russian Tongue. She is a Wretchedness. I am sweet little students of the great Moscow’s Art Theatrical. Please I can you both to photograph with my sweet little non-journalistic camera machine? You are very spectacular. Please don’t cast away your bags from McDonald’s. They are a very spectacle.”), they were very accommodating.

Anyone on facebook can see many more pictures on my page. ‘ooorrrrrah!

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1 Response to Edinb’rahhh and Moscow!

  1. Odious says:

    Just so we’re clear, my people (MNs) invented the deep-fried candy bars. It is a traditional treat at our State Fair.

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