Fabricated Realities at Robert Koch Gallery, in Art Practical

Despite the sometimes disturbing effectiveness of Photoshop, we still expect photography to show us something that at least seems real. It’s understood that the freedom to contrive entire alternate worlds belongs to the painter, sculptor, writer, or dramatist—any artist whose work is to dream up and “craft” a subject from beginning to end. But for all the gimmicks available to the photographer, not only with Photoshop, but now also with the retro effects of Hipstamatic and Instagram, the camera still records what is in front of it, leaving us with the assumption that there is a limit to how outré the resultant images can be. Fabricated Realities debunks that expectation. The artists, who represent fifty years of experimental photography, achieved their bizarre tableaux through various means, such as photomontage, collage, photogram, and even through the technique of photographing a subject’s reflection in a funhouse mirror, as with André Kertész’s Distortion #70 (variant) (1933/1979). In this image, a woman stands like a fashion model, hair coiffed in finger waves, hand on hip. She is naked under her overcoat, which hangs open to reveal one breast. That breast is central to both the composition of the photograph and to the mirror itself, so the distortion emanates from the focal point of the nipple, as if a visual representation of the warping effect of sex on the mind: a siren-song and resultant destruction in one. (continue reading)

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1 Response to Fabricated Realities at Robert Koch Gallery, in Art Practical

  1. Larissa

    صباح الخير

    لست فنانا،ولست من هواة النظر إلى المظاهر الأشكال ،وأدرك أن لو سلكت أبصارنا وأفكارنا طريقها إلى
    هذه الصور لتعثرت رؤيتنا التي أصلاً بنيت على عدم الإقدام على الحكم على الصور والأشكال ،،،
    وما تغلفه الصور من معاني ومضامين هو ما ننشده طبا وهو ما ترتكز عليه أحكامنا ..
    ومن ناحية أخرى، ربما الصورة بحد ذاتها بألوانها وخطوطها وتشكيلاتها واقتحامها المباشر لأفكاري ولتصوراتي ولنفسي يجعل منها محط لنظرة تجسد الرؤية الفنية التي تجد في الصورة تكوينات إدراك محاسن وروعة العمل بما يحتويه من لمسات فنية ورؤى إبداعي

    Good morning
    I’m not an artist, and I’m not a fan of looking at aspects of shapes, and realized that if you followed our eyes and our thoughts the way to
    These images to our vision that originally stumbled built on the government not to take the pictures, shapes,,,
    Ngfah and images of the meanings and implications of what we seek is a medical approach which is based upon our judgments ..
    On the other hand, is perhaps itself colors and lines and storm formations and direct my thoughts to myself and my perception and makes them the focus to look embodies the artistic vision that you find in the image configurations understand the pros and magnificence of the work to the content of the artistic touches and creative visions …..

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