My review of Fraction Magazine’s show at Rayko Photo Center in the Huffington Post

For the lay observer, a group show often has the advantage of a clear theme, a unifying idea behind the curation that primes the viewer to look for certain common elements throughout the exhibit, and to interpret the work with some particular concept in mind. In Fabricated Realities, Robert Koch Gallery recently exhibited a group of experimental and surrealist photography from the 1920s through the ’70s. SFMOMA’s The Steins Collect offered a revelation of the early throes of modern art and the avant garde. Rayko’s group show, Fraction Magazine: Three Years in the Making, bears no such obvious unity, except inasmuch as they are all images Fraction Magazine founder and editor David Bram curated from the three years of contemporary photographers’ portfolios he’s shown in his monthly online review. This is not a defect in the collection, but it does require more work on the part of the viewer to glean what the photographs are on about. (continue reading)

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