I visited Paul Madonna’s home and studio, SF Weekly

One doesn’t expect to visit an artist’s studio and be afflicted with apartment lust (unless one got to visit Monet at Giverny or Damien Hirst’s suite at Claridge’s). But Paul Madonna, we learned thanks to SF Open Studios, lives and works in a beautiful Victorian in the Mission with high ceilings and curved walls. It seems perfect that Madonna lives in a quintessential San Francisco flat, considering he is the artist and writer whose ink drawings of the city’s famous and obscure corners are serialized in the Chronicle’s All Over Coffee, a City Lights-published book of the same name, and a new book titled Everything Is Its Own Reward. Although his work includes drawings of other cities — he even showed us a stack of sketchbooks of his travels through Asia awaiting development — most of the work showcased in the two books and the serial depicts this city. (continue reading)

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