Take Me Back, Please: The Art Deco Preservation Ball, SF Weekly

“Mata Hari’s Daughter” Carly Reynolds (right) and friend

I could go on about what great clothing people wore to the Art Deco Society of California‘s Art Deco Preservation Ball on Saturday night, or what an appropriate venue the glitzy and historic Bimbo’s 365 Club is for any vintage-themed event, or how people should be throwing money at the Deco society so it can continue its noble efforts to preserve the architectural and artistic masterpieces of that dazzling era. I could, and yes, people looked spectacular and showed off a variety of fascinating period dance moves to the era’s tunes, many sung by Frederick Hodges, a true ’20’s style light tenor. But more interesting than the event itself for someone who wasn’t there might be that it highlights what we’ve lost as a culture in terms of the way we “party” — what we talk about when we talk about clubbing. (continue reading)

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