This is fun.

Did you know that Russians have been in California longer than San Francisco has been a city? In 1812, the tsarist government (which didn’t have much going on that year) chartered Fort Ross in what is now Sonoma County, to control exploration, trade, and settlement in the North Pacific. San Francisco’s own Russian Center is celebrating Fort Ross’s 200th anniversary in this year’s Russian Festival, showcasing musical acts like songstress Marina V and folk/jazz/blues/comedy team Limopo, performances of ballet, folk dance and singing, gymnastics, operetta, a gallery of the work of contemporary émigré artists, and food. (leave your diet and your vegan requirements at home). Loosen up for the dance party Friday night at the “World’s Greatest Vodka Bar” and find your Valentine’s Day gifts at the amber jewelry boutiques. At its Sutter location since its
founding in 1939, the Russian Center has held this family-friendly event every April, but has regular performances and classes for children and adults, a state certified pre-school Teremok, the offices of Russian Life Daily Newspaper, and a Russian library, in case you ever wanted to read Notes from Underground in the original cyrilic. (more information)

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