I’m seeing Robert Moses’ Kin this week end. HuffPost.

photo by RJ Muna

Weekends are short and the list of culturally enriching events is long. With all the concerts, readings, exhibits and shows going on, how do you decide what to fit into your all-too-brief respite from the workweek? Well, attending a performance by Robert Moses’ Kin is like packing several artistic forays into one evening. Known since 1995 for blending diverse traditions in dance — including African, street, classical ballet and his own distinct choreographic motifs — as well as combining music, dialogue, poetry and video installations for his pieces, Moses creates works with emphatically political and social messages. Having addressed issues like the changing paradigm of the American family, racial prejudice, sexual intolerance and the sometimes tense disparities in the public and private lives of American icons, RBK continues in this vein of artistic and ideological inquiry in its newest production. (continue reading)

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